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Additional Information on an Owner's Representative

The owner’s representative is the person who acts as the advocate for an owner who does not have anyone on staff experienced in the construction sector, and is going to undertake a new or expansion project.

The role of the owner’s representative is to maintain a horizontal relationship between the owner and the Architect, Engineer, Contractor and vendors. This will help insure a smooth flow of information and mitigate unnecessary confusion. A snapshot of how this is done is as follows:

  • The owner’s rep will monitor the design and development process, making sure that the owner’s best interests are at the center of all decisions.

  • The owner’s rep is a seasoned professional who is well-versed at design and construction, who can utilize the lessons learned from a wealth of experience to solve problems and offer creative solutions.

  • The owner’s rep will control the overall coordination effort between the design team members to assure that the construction documents are prepared on a timely basis and the finished design satisfies the owner’s expectations.

  • During construction, the owner’s rep spends sufficient time on the construction site to ensure compliance to the design, as well as recognizes and resolves problems and conflicts.

  • When difficult and complicated challenges arise, the owner’s rep studies the problem, explores possible solutions, and supplies the owner with clearly defined options along with a recommended course of action.

  • The owner’s rep is also involved in the change order process: They mitigate the change orders by identifying problems before they are compounded and become very expensive to correct.

  • The owner’s rep assists in the payment process to insure that the contractors are paid fairly for the work in place. No more or less.

  • The owner’s rep may assist in defining the punch list process, start-up of building systems and the commissioning of same, and also close-out of the project.

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